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Community Engagement Plan

Mended Reeds Inc. prides itself in increasing community involvement and communication regarding our services for our youth and their families. We understand that there may be times that situations occur in the community that may require personal communications. We believe that personal communication with the individual/entity involved is the best means to handle a concern/ question/ matter as they are the person closest to the situation. Therefore, Mended Reeds encourages community members to communicate with the agency in question in the following ways:

– Speak directly with our home facilities by phone or email

Mended Reeds Children’s Residential Center
Address – 85 C.R. 53 Kitts Hill, OH 45645
Phone – 740-533-1883
Email –

If there are further concerns or matters not resolved to your satisfaction, please contact our main office by:

– Contacting the Administrative Manager via phone or email
Debbie Hixon – (740) 532-6220 or

– Visiting our website at and contacting any other member of the management team, as appropriate to your question/ matter.

Concerns/matters directed to the main office will be responded to within seven business days.

Upon approval of the plan, Mended Reeds will post the community engagement plan on the website at

A copy of the community engagement plan will be available to any individual upon request and a copy will be sent to all required parties per OAC 5101:2-9-37.